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If governments want to keep their citizens happy, healthy and well, public sector must focus first on getting people what they need: results. But in most countries the amount of tax collected is not sufficient to finance society’s needs. Governments are under pressure to increase capacity to do more good: to achieve more with less. How can public agencies serve more customers faster, better with fewer resources?


Effective healthcare

Public healthcare systems are struggling today to cope with reduced budgets and increasing demand. Cost-cutting initiatives are hurting hospitals, many of them are restructuring to remain viable.

How come some hospitals flourish while touched by a mix of the same problems: growing and aging populations, less money, higher expectations, increasing competition, lack of clinician resources?


Public procurement

As in most countries, Europe has a well-established set of procurement regulations and practices.Although these processes are well understood and reasonably well followed, the preasure for governments to ensure that constrained public-sector budgets are being spent wisely is growing exponentially.

Why does competition sometimes lead to higher cost and worse performance?


Super fast courts

Law court systems worldwide are expensive yet have bad reputation for their long lead times. Unless actions are taken, the situation will probably worsen since the demand is growing and so is the distrust and dissatisfaction of the public.

How to improve courts with shortening lead times, reducing complexity and improving in judicial quality and public’s satisfaction?


Why attend?

Exclusive speakers

World class management experts and TOP managers, everyone with deep cause&effect systematic practical thinking, are ready to share their incredible achievements in improving public sector organisations. They share because they want to make the world a better place.

Presentations focused on 'how to' with proven results

Issues similar to the ones that your organisation is struggling with were already solved by others somewhere else recently. You are not alone looking for way out of vicious cycle. Let experience accumulated in other organisations shorten your path to dramatic improvement at home.

Workshops with detailed know-how in systematical improvements

The 2nd day is allocated to focus your efforts on how to cause the necessary changes. You will get tools and knowledge to plan and execute improvement injections and deal with uncertainty in your specific field. Exploit your stay in Vilnius in full and return ready to systematically shift your organisation.

Expand your network of EU public sector leaders and officials

In Vilnius you will meet up to 1000 leaders responsible for the performance of their organisations. This is the best opportunity to launch contacts with the leaders who doing noble challenging job trapped in dysfunctional systems but feeling they can be fixed.
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what`s new in the Presidency?

  • Events of a meeting of Secretaries General of European Union parliaments are starting this weekendWith the last event of the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council – a conference of Chairpersons of EU parliaments on 6–8 April at the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania – approaching, on 26–27 January the Secretaries General of EU parliaments will meet in Vilnius.
  • EU should continue the work started by LithuaniaTuesday, January 14, Strasbourg - In Strasbourg, President Dalia Grybauskaitė met with European Parliament President Martin Schulz and presented the results of Lithuania's Presidency of the Council of the European Union at a plenary session of the European Parliament.
  • Speech by President Dalia Grybauskaitė to the European ParliamentMr. President of the European Parliament, members of the European Parliament, Let me begin with a few words in Lithuanian. It is an honour for me to review with you the results of the Lithuanian Presidency. I do so with pride that our small country, our young democracy, its statehood so recently regained, has shown that it too can carry out the tasks of an EU Presidency as well as any other member state - large or small. Lithuania has risen to the challenge. We did everything expected of us and more. After six months, the Lithuanian legacy is a stronger, more credible, more confident European Union.
  • Dalia Grybauskaitė to present results of Lithuania's EU Presidency in StrasbourgMonday, January 13, Vilnius - Dalia Grybauskaitė is leaving for Strasbourg to attend a plenary session of the European Parliament. Tomorrow, January 14, the President will present the results of Lithuania's EU Presidency to Euro-parliamentarians of all the 28 member states who were directly elected by European citizens as their representatives.

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