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Challenges overview

Public sector organizations globally are faced with unprecedented challenges:

The economies of most countries are struggling.

Need to gain the public’s confidence that tax revenues are being used effectively is growing dramatically. Any priorities are expected to be achieved transparently and cost-effectively. Facing how tight budgets are, taxpayers are rightfully demanding effectiveness in the programs they pay for.

Growing expectations of citizens.

Public expectations of service quality are rising, largely because of implicit competition from the private sector. The demand is increasing as well while current financial constraints mean that many public bodies must achieve more with fewer resources.

No clear goals and measurements are set.

Organisations do not have a clear understanding of what results are desired. Without setting clear goals and finding measures that will mark progress toward them organisations struggle to improve their performance and citizens' confidence.

Organisational performance is very low.

But It is not a people problem. They are just trapped in dysfunctional systems, that transformed to the current complexity from year to year. Governments lack of proven measurement tools to determine which policies or sulutions work and which do not.

Lack of capacity.

Simply, government doesn’t have the capacity to do all the good it can in this world. The demands on government far exceed the capacity of government, which in turn leads to budget shortfalls, long queues, long backlog and customer dissatisfaction.

Necessity for a change

Budget cuts pressures and changing public expectations of public sector services require to improve public sector performance and at the same time stop expenditure growth. Citizens are demanding that governments to be more productive and accountable for what they achieve with taxpayers’ money.

No matter what the size, location, mission, or orientation of public sector organization, they are all facing all or a mix of the same problems:

  • Legislators claim for a ‘better performance’ or ‘resource optimisation’ while their initiatives fail because they address symptoms rather than root causes.
  • A claim of a ‘better performance’ is neverending as well as neverending is public sector executives’ headache how to increase capacity and quality of services under continuous decrease in budget.
  • Improvements or initiatives are launched without being able to measure their cost against the impact to performance or goals.
  • The organisation does not have a clear understanding of what results are desired.
  • Clarity of purpose is lost.
  • Decision-making is reactive.
  • Individual employee performance is unrelated to executive priorities.
  • Busyness doesn’t always translate into results.
  • Employees feel overwhelmed by too many projects and initiatives.

Public sector organisations should be able to serve more citizens and businesses better and faster. How this could be achieved without changes in legislation?

Solutions to be exposed during event

Speakers with a huge experience in improving public sector organisations will share how they have addressed these issues to achieve incredible results.

  • They will help agencies reach peak performance and improvement targets by sharing the tools and skill sets needed to integrate individual functions into a single system and framework.
  • They will share experience in setting clear goals and performance measurements. Establishing clear goals and targets, coupled with tools to baseline performance and track progress at the system and individual level, is the foundation for all future improvements.
  • They will share world-class proven public sector solutions on how achieve achieve more (goal units) with less (resources) in less time.
  • They will disclose how to significantly increase organisation’s capacity, deal with huge complexity to accelerate speed of public services.
  • They will show in details how organisations succeeded to increase the number of applications processed and reduce the amount of time in days to process employer applications within decreasing funding.
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Problems faced by public sector organisations world-wide

Public expectations of service quality are rising, largely because of implicit competition from the private sector. When members of the public visit the motor vehicle department, they expect the same kind of service they get at McDonald’s: quick, efficient, and courteous. When they call the Internal Revenue Service, they expect to be treated as they would be when calling L. L. Bean or American Express.

Alan A. Altshuler, 1997.

Local Government Association says trajectory of spending and rising demand will lead to £14.4bn funding shortfall by 2020. Local authorities will offer little more than a skeleton service, providing few services beyond social care and rubbish collection by the end of the decade if projected cuts to local government continue, council leaders have warned.

The Guardian, 2013.

Tens of thousands of Greeks have abandoned their workplaces on Tuesday and rallied in front of parliament in the capital Athens against government plans to satisfy foreign lenders by firing public sector employees.

RT Network, 2013

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