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Alex Klarman is a co-author of two famous books:

Release the Hostages: Using Goldratt's Theory of Constraints for Customer Support Management

There are many books on service and on customer support, but this one covers the topic from a holistic, comprehensive business way.

The Cash Machine: Using the Theory of Constraints for Sales Management

A TOC Business Novel for Sales This book is about managing the sales process. The Cash Machine gives a real life method to simultaneously evaluate thousands of prospects, create customers and complete sales.

Topic of the presentation

Can you have it, without having it?


The case of city-wide infrastructure construction and renovation for the UEFA Euro 2012 in Wroclaw, a large European city.

Applying TOC and Critical Chain Project Management within a set of huge, separate but intedependent, conventionally-managed yet time-critical projects was certainly a major challenge. Conveying the knowledge to people, who sometimes lacked basic project management skills wasn’t easy too.

But, as it turned out… it’s not the technology, stupid! It’s the trust!

The main challenge was, as it often happens, that the various projects (all 13 of them) had to be ready within most challenging time-table, with no flexibility whatsoever regarding their finish.

What has constantly added to the many technological and logistic problems the problems were constantly barraged by, was the basic lack of trust between the investor and project contractor, between the various contractors, most of them neighboring each other, within the narrow confines of space.

Creating the trust between the investor and the contractors, the trust in projects’ managers ability to find solutions to even the most complex problems as well as the ability of the coordinating team to assist them in resolving the emerging inter-project conflicts in a truly win-win manner was the main challenge. Once met, we have seen them gradually gaining the trust in the beneficial impact of CCPM.

That, coupled with the trust in the good will of the investor turned out to be the issue, which most contributed to their ability to finish all project on, or before time.


Mega-projects versus large projects.

Tools for uncertainty-management in mega-projects.

Cooperating with the investor, contractors and subcontractors, vendors and internal and external control bodies.

Attendee benefits

Knowledge of what one needs to succeed in such an environment.

Knowledge of how to coordinate colliding, albeit totally independent projects.

Knowledge of which tools to use to manage, control and communicate in such an environment.

Authors of the project

  • Alex Klarman, Ph.D., CEO of Goldratt Institute, Israel
  • Lukasz Lorenz, Managing partner of Avit Inc., Poland
  • Artur Jozwiak, Managing partner and software applications manager at Green Smart Concept Inc., Poland



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