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Bahadir Inozu is a co-author of a famous book:

Performance Improvement for Healthcare: Leading Change with Lean, Six Sigma, and Constraints Management

The book lays out an integrated approach for using three improvement methods that have proven to be the most effective way to transform hospital operations in terms of patient outcomes and experience, financial viability, and employee satisfaction. This pioneering guide presents a strategy for managing bottlenecks, eliminating waste, reducing errors, and containing costs in healthcare organizations, as well as sustaining the gains achieved. Real-world case studies illustrate successful performance improvement implementations that have realized breakthrough operational and financial results in the U.S. and abroad.

Topic of the presentation

How to Achieve Superior Performance Improvement by Integrating Constraints Management with Lean and Six Sigma : Examples from Government, Public Services and Healthcare


It has been demonstrated that low organizational productivity stems from a variety of root causes such as poor project due date performance, prolonged lead times, de-scoped or cancelled projects, cost and budget overruns. At the same time there are task overloads, poor coordination, severe and chronic multitasking, unclear and conflicting priorities as well as very complex processes. These problems lead to overloaded resources, burn-out and high turnover levels, causing general dissatisfaction, high stress levels, the general feeling of dissatisfaction and low morale of civil servants.

Governments worldwide are beginning to see that leading management methodologies, which helped some innovative organizations develop effective solutions, can now produce the results that taxpayers are demanding. Today’s leading perfomance improvement methodologies are Lean (a systematic approach to eliminate waste), Six Sigma (a rigorous, data-driven process to eliminate defects), and Constraints Management (a.k.a.Theory of Constraints – a breakthrough methodology to identify and manage a system’s constraints).

Proper integration of these methodologies results in a very structured, focused approach to process and performance improvement with system-level impact. Constraints Management provides the missing element of where to focus improvements which is critical to maximizing the Return on Investment. In fact, the integration of Lean and Six Sigma with Constraints Management often yields 10 to 20 times greater returns than by implementing Lean and Six Sigma in isolation.

Baha Inozu will share his vast experience on how to integrate Constraints Management with Lean and Six Sigma and why focusing improvement efforts have resulted in significant and immediate results in the United States and abroad from a long list of his team’s track record.


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