Greg Gardner

During his 30 year career in state government, Greg’s responsibilities have always included an IT management role, including an appointment as DWS Director of Information Technology for four years. In December 2003, Greg was asked to serve as the DWS executive sponsor over the Electronic Resource and Eligibility Product (eREP) project – the largest IT project ever undertaken by the State of Utah. He has also served as the deputy director over DWS operations.

Greg’s current assignment and previous work as deputy director over operations bring the unique opportunity and ability to align the department’s operational excellence initiatives with front-line services and technology. Greg was first trained in TOC principles and thinking practices in 2010 and has shared his knowledge of evaporating clouds and interference diagrams with staff at all levels of the department. With this knowledge, DWS staff have successfully identified constraints and hidden capacity. His work has been instrumental to the department’s success in identifying and implementing Throughput Operating Strategies (TOS), measures, and targets in all areas of department operations.

Greg holds a BA degree in marketing and an MS degree in human resource economics, both from the University of Utah.

Topic of the presentation

How to Implement TOC Principles and Tools in State Government and Achieve Great Results: Utah’s Story


The problem or challenge in state government is that federal and state funding resources are diminishing while customer demand for services is increasing.

The State of Utah plans to continue its tradition of excellence by setting the gold standard of government practices. We must ensure that scarce resources are allocated and managed in a way that will continuously bring more and more value to our stakeholders.

Governor Gary R. Herbert has set the target and charged his 24 Cabinet officials to improve government operations and services by 25% (a combination of quality, cost and throughput) over the next four years.

In his role as the Director of Operational Excellence of the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, Greg Gardner is working in the team to ensure success in meeting the target.

Speakers Roles

  • Kris Cox and Greg Gardner pioneered the implementation of TOC principles and tools three years ago at the Utah Department of Workforce Services (DWS).
  • Based on that experience, they created the SUCCESS Framework—a tool to assist agencies in applying TOC and other operational excellence tools to state government. The process produced great results at DWS.
  • Based on that success, Governor Herbert appointed Kris to head his Office of Management and Budget and to lead the charge for the 24 Cabinet agencies to achieve a 25% improvement in services and operations over the next four years.
  • Kris recruited Greg to join her as a member of the team working to implement the SUCCESS Framework strategy across Utah state government.


Overview of the SUCCESS Framework.

The framework was developed in Utah to assist government agencies with the implementation of TOC and other operational excellence principles and tools.

Introduction of Utah’s measurement criteria.

“Quality Throughput divided by Operating Expense” to measure progress in meeting the 25% improvement target.

Introduction to the SUCCESS Management Information System (SMIS).

It was developed to simplify reporting and measure progress and performance.

Utah’s use of additional tools to assist agencies achieve great results including:

• Throughput operating strategy
• Strategic and operational measurements
• Maximize control point capacity
…………………………………..• Strategy and tactics
…………………………………..• Acceleration
…………………………………..• Mistake proofing
…………………………………..• Policy synchronization

Utah’s progress to anchor the budgeting process to performance.

Agency funding requests will be evaluated in the context of the impact on quality and throughput.

Status of implementing the SUCCESS Framework across Utah’s 24 Cabinet agencies.

And the great results being achieved so far.

Benefits to the Audience

Real world application of TOC principles and tools in state government.

To include agencies as diverse as public safety, corrections, health, workforce development, agriculture, economic development, human services, tax, commerce, national guard, transportation, technology services, natural resources and environmental quality.

o Tools and systems that can be adapted for use in other international government agencies.

Exposure to the bottom-line results that are occurring by using these tools.

proof that the SUCCESS Framework and tools are producing great results.



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