Simon Steele

Topic of the presentation

Public Sector Procurement – does it really ensure Value for Money?


As in most countries, Europe has a well-established set of procurement regulations and practices. Although these processes are well understood and reasonably well followed, we question whether they are ensuring that constrained public-sector budgets are being spent wisely.

In this presentation we will provide an external view on the European process, demonstrate where it discourages best value, and make recommendations for how the process could be significantly improved.

We have not come across a single global company that achieves excellent value and performance from their supply base, who have adopted the EU procurement process.


Not all categories of spend are equal.

Cost does not equal price.

A tender is not an exciting thing to receive.

Why bidding does not always deliver the lowest price.

You will need the best suppliers more than they need you.

When to pay for results and when to pay for effort.

Competition sometimes leads to higher cost and worse performance. What is the alternative?



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