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International Public Sector Effectiveness Conference

October 24, 2013 Vilnius

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Public sector, state owned companies, services, projects Courts, Judicial system Healthcare Public Procurement
Opening speech

Gediminas Kirkilas, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Lithuania, Chair of the Committee on European Affairs (Lithuania)

Increasing government’s capacity to do more good

Ken Miller, Founder of the Change and Innovation Agency (USA)

Electronic public procurement: a way to buy more effective

Rasa Noreikienė (Lithuania)

Raising Performance of Courts in Difficult Times

Kevin Sadler (United Kingdom)

TELE2: private experience for public sector

Andrius Baranauskas (Lithuania)

How to Implement TOC Principles and Tools in State Government and Achieve Great Results: Utah’s Story

Kristen Cox (USA)

Greg Gardner (USA)

Can you have it, without having it?

Alex Klarman (Israel)

Increase quality, decrease stress in a hospital

Pieter E. Buwalda (The Netherlands)

Gijs Andrea (The Netherlands)

Public Sector Procurement - does it really ensure Value for Money?

Simon Steele (United Kingdom)

Impact of measurements in the process of improvement

Nerius Jasinavičius (Lithuania)

Effective procurement of construction and major investment projects: give your citizens 25% more while spending the same

Ian Heptinstall (UAE)

Justice in Time: applying TOC to the law courts system in Israel

Shimeon Pass (Israel)

How to Identify and Unlock inherent potential within government to achieve more with less in less time

Dr. Alan Barnard (South Africa)

Uncertainty in the judicial process. Overcoming superstitions

Audrius Cininas (Lithuania)

Why do we need an effective public sector and how workers help in building it

Klaus Heeger (Germany)

Maximizing “Profit” in a Non-profit Organization

Milda Dargužaitė (Lithuania)

How to Achieve Superior Performance Improvement by Integrating Constraints Management with Lean and Six Sigma : Examples from Government, Public Services and Healthcare

Dr. Bahadir Inozu (USA)

Enhancing the performance of public healthcare systems: achieving more with existing resources

Shimeon Pass (Israel)