Improving Your Service Organisation

Workshop #1

Improving Your Service Organisation


Most healthcare organizations, like hospitals, suffer of a tremendous workload, causing stress with nurses and doctors and usually a delay in treatment, surgery and discharge of patients. This often translates into full wards and operating theatres, long waiting times before a treatment can take place and in many cases patients being treated on the wrong ward. By implementing modern management principles in healthcare organisations, it turns out to be possible to reduce waiting times dramatically, to increase the amount of patients being treated and at the same time reduce the workload of professionals. Thus it is possible to improve both throughput and quality of care profoundly in a sustainable way, without increasing work on the already stressed professionals.

In this workshop the participants will develop a solution and an implementation plan suited for improvement of their own hospital organization by decreasing the amount of work in progress, decreasing the lead-time and increasing the due date performance of each treatment delivered.

The workshop will address the following topics:

  • What is the system and its goal?
  • What is the problem in achieving this goal?
  • What to change to?
  • How to cause the change?

All elements will be dealt with in an interactive way, the role and the input of the participant him/herself will be the key to a solid plan with which each participant can move forward in improving their own hospital as from the next day.

During the workshop the key elements of the Theory of Constraints will be explained, using the dice-game. This game is developed by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt himself in order to have participants experience the shift of paradigm TOC promises to deliver in each organization where it is implemented.

The workshop is developed for everybody working in a hospital, whether it is staff, management or professional, such as doctors or therapists.


Key facts

Where, when

Start: 25.10.2013 09:00 (Friday)
Duration: 8 hours
Place: LITEXPO, Laisvės ave. 5, Vilnius


Lecturers: Gijs Andrea, Pieter Buwalda
Audience: Hospital staff, management or professionals


150 EUR


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About lecturers

Gijs Andrea

Gijs AndreaGijs is a founding partner of the International House of TOC (iHOT), an organization dedicated to education and implementation of the Theory of Constraints and working closely together with TOC Resultants in The Netherlands. Prior to setting up iHOT, Gijs worked as the head of IT in a large Dutch hospital, and then as an IT consultant where he worked with over fifty healthcare organizations across The Netherlands.

Gijs was introduced to the Theory of Constraints over 25 years ago. He has successfully gained the TOCICO Fundamentals accreditation and has trained in the TOC Thinking Processes and project management. Gijs has completed his MSc in TOC for Healthcare Management in 2010.

Gijs is playing a leading role in the introduction of the Theory of Constraints into the healthcare system in The Netherlands. His particular interest is in training and developing staff in applying the Theory of Constraints. He educated and trained more than 100 consultants and 500 people in Healthcare industry.

Gijs has worked on many TOC implementations, including Maasstad Ziekenhuis (The Netherlands), St Antonius Hospital (The Netherlands), Nij Smellinghe (The Netherlands), Barking Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust (UK) and University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (UK).

Pieter Buwalda

Pieter BuwaldaPieter is working in Nij Smellinghe Hospital in Drachten (The Netherlands) since 1999 . He started his career as coordinator of the patient planning unit. In this position he started gaining experience in Hospital Operations Management on an operational level and became certified by the American Association of Operations Management as CPIM. During his career, Pieter extended his knowledge and skills to scientific and tactical/strategic perspectives on healthcare delivery systems. He attended the Young Management Program (Nyenrode Business University, 2005) and got graduated as Master of Science in Business Administration (University of Groningen, 2012).

Today Pieter is responsible for improving the healthcare delivery system of his hospital. Pieter advises the Board of Directors and the Medical Board on matters like capacity management and (re)designing healthcare delivery systems. He is also responsible for implementing his advised improvements within the budget and timeframe.

He strongly beliefs that (a) creating patient flow within and beyond the hospital walls (in- and outbound) and (b) reducing variability, are key in gaining strategic advantages as a hospital. Therefore he creatively combines different approaches and theories like Lean, Swift Even Flow, Litvak’s Variability Studies and Theory of Constraints in order to reach that strategic advantage. Together with the University of Groningen, Pieter is also researching the causes and effects of these approaches in his hospital by conducting different (sometimes scientific) studies. While conducting these studies, Pieter was surprised by the effects of some implemented elements of the Theory of Constraints (inpatient length of stay reduction >20%).

Pieter shares his expertise in Hospital Operations Management and was consulted by already more than 80 other hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium. He also is asked frequently as speaker on workshops, congresses and training programs. Today he is mainly occupied with developing a new healthcare delivery system for De Sionsberg Hospital in Dokkum, as part of a preliminary program of an intended merge with Nij Smellinghe Hospital.


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