Law courts management: the Focused Management way

Workshop #3

Law courts management: the Focused Management way


Law court systems, worldwide, are expensive yet have bad reputation for their long lead times. Unless actions are taken, the situation will probably worsen since the demand is growing and so is the distrust and dissatisfaction of the public.
Novel methods and tools for lead times shortening, complexity reduction and improvement in judicial quality and public’s satisfaction will be presented.

Main topics of workshop:

  • Focus on value and the global view of the legal system
  • Should judges behave as Optimizers or Satisficers?
  • The Complete-Kit concept in law courts
  • Throughput enhancement using the TOC methodology
  • Lead time reduction methods
  • Flow assurance and elimination of waste in law courts
  • Performance measures
  • Sustainable implementation

Workshop will comprise of interactive discussions and in-class group assignments that will be based on real-world examples brought forward by the participants.


Key facts

Where, when

Start: 25.10.2013 09:00 (Friday)
Duration: 8 hours
Place: National Courts Administration, L. Sapiegos St. 15, Vilnius


Lecturer: Shimeon Pass
Audience: Judges, courts staff, management and lawyers


150 EUR


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About lecturer

Shimeon Pass

Shimeon PassMr. Shimeon Pass is an expert in Value Enhancement and implementation of advanced management concepts in service, manufacturing and the public sector. He has been leading numerous Value Enhancement projects in R&D, telecommunication, financial services, retail, insurance, public and private hospitals, the Israeli Health Ministry, and in the Israeli Judicial Authority.

He holds a M.Sc. in Chemistry from Weizmann Institute of Science and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University. Mr. Pass published dozens of management papers in leading journals and co-authored three books on advanced management methods and tools.


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